Bangladesh Interest Rates

The Bangladeshi economy with a population of 164.4 Million (Est 2009) ranks 44th in the world with a GDP PPP of 257.5 billion and GDP PPP per capita of 1,565 vs 47,123 (United States) according to the IMF in 2010. Its currency the Bangladeshi Taka (BDT). Bank deposits held for a fixed term in Bangladesh are called fixed and term deposits. According to its inflation was 5.4% in 2008 and 8.1% in 2010.

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Bangladesh Banks

Showing rates for 7 Bank deposit providers in Bangladesh.
Bank Branch Founded Ownership
Agrani Bank Agrani Bank 899 1972 Local
Rupali Bank Rupali Bank 517 1972 Local
Islami Bank Bangladesh Islami Bank Bangladesh 286 1983 N/A
Mercantile Bank Bangladesh Mercantile Bank Bangladesh 93 1999 N/A
Standard Chartered Bank Bangladesh Standard Chartered Bank Bangladesh 26 1905 Foreign
HSBC Bangladesh HSBC Bangladesh 14 1996 Foreign
Sonali Bank Sonali Bank 1,200 1972 Local

Bangladesh Discussion Activity

  • Standard Chartered Bank Bangladesh - Deposits - Standard Chartered Bank Bangladesh 1 Year Fixed Deposit
    Q: I'm intarest for dps, 3000++per month for 3 years.pls tell me what's ur intarest rate details

    Md Jahit from Dhaka, Bangladesh
  • Standard Chartered Bank Bangladesh
    Q: Sir i want to know about taking personal loan procedures from your bank including *loan taking requirements. *interest rate , *payment time span *per month installment say for 150,000 taka loan

    Khondokar Hasib Ho from Dhaka, Bangladesh
  • HSBC Bangladesh
    Q: If I fix deposit 50 laks for 5 years, how much will I get back in interest

    Alam from Sevenoaks, United Kingdom
  • Standard Chartered Bank Bangladesh
    Q: How much Home loan Interest

    shahjahan from Dhaka, Bangladesh
  • HSBC Bangladesh
    Q: What is the interest rate on fd

    nushrat from Dhaka, Bangladesh
  • HSBC Bangladesh - Loans - HSBC Bangladesh Home Loan
    Q: a person who has got 6 katha land at dhaka city corp area but presently rajuk do not pass plan at that area. the area is a planned housing society and well populated,many 5-6 storied buildings exists. value of said 6 katha land around tk.3.00 crore. the owner intends to build a 4 storied house consisting 14nos. of around 700 sft flats , 2 nos. of around 1400 sft flats and 4 car parkings. keeping one for self residing renting other 15 flats monthly income will be insha Allah around tk.160,000/. To build the house about tk.1.20 crore is required. Loan will be repaid from rental income S/he does not have any cash a home loan for the entire building cost ,under any arrangement, available for him/her? Pls.reply.

    jawad from Bangladesh
  • HSBC Bangladesh
    Q: I wanted to take a loan to buy an apartment in Bangladesh I am living in Australia and have dual citizenship in Australia and Bangladesh. Please let me know if i am eligible and also what are the conditions. I will have a local partner in Bangladesh jointly apply for teh loan.

    Tania from Brisbane, Australia